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WYND Particulate Analyzer Module
WYND’s Particulate Analyzer Module has revolutionized Particulate Matter (PM) sensing to enable high accuracy, an accessible price point, and particle speciation with WYND’s proprietary Air ID technology.
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WYND makes the invisible, visible!
We take 20,000 breaths every day, but do we know what's actually in the air we're breathing?
Traditional PM sensors count all particles and calculate the particle density in the air–but this only tells you half of the story.
WYND’s proprietary Air ID technology combines both hardware sensor signals and contextual information to not only measure the amount of particles in your air, but also identify the type of pollutants. Air ID determines the root cause of issues in your space and recommends solutions to implement.
The WYND Particulate Analyzer Module can be applied in many places–industrial buildings, commercial appliances, government facilities, and in conjunction with other PropTech innovations.
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