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WYND offers the most innovative, insightful, and easy-to-implement solutions to satisfy IAQ requirements for your sustainable building certifications.
Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives are essential motivating factors to what we do at WYND.
Our technology and products positively change workplace behaviors, optimize building energy use, and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.
How does WYND facilitate ESG initiatives?


  • Reduces CO2 emissions in the built environment by optimizing energy efficiency

  • Supports USGBC and net zero building initiatives

  • Designs compostable filters for our full suite of purification products


  • Encourages health and wellness through AI-powered monitoring and purification strategies

  • Serves as active members of the International WELL Building Institute Social Equity Task Force

  • Navigates challenging pandemic circumstances through innovative solutions


  • Contributes to building certifications including LEED, WELL, and BREEAM

  • Integrates EPA, OSHA, and ASHRAE guidelines into our recommendations

  • Aligns our initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

WYND supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we've prioritized the following:
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