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WYND supports the the Biden administration’s Clean Air in Buildings Challenge.
This includes initiatives to improve indoor ventilation and reduce the spread of COVID-19.
We’re already working with buildings of all types to assess and improve their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for the sake of everyone inside.

Our WYND Halo tells our clients exactly what’s in the air and our WYND Max cleans as needed in an energy-efficient way.
Monitors 16+ health, safety, and comfort metrics
Purifies 1,200 square feet of space in just 30 minutes

How is WYND is addressing the EPA’s Clean Air in Buildings Challenge recommendations?

Create a clean indoor air action plan. WYND creates customized action-oriented plans to ensure the cleanest air possible. After installing our IAQ monitors and purifiers, we manage occupant comfort and wellness with real-time reports and recommendations.

Optimize fresh air ventilation. Our proprietary software leverages IAQ data from our monitors to optimize building HVAC ventilation for health and energy efficiency.

Enhance air filtration and cleaning. Implementing our medical-grade, portable purifiers equipped with HEPA filtration can be more effective and energy-efficient than upgrading entire building HVAC systems with MERV 13 filters.

Engage the building community. We’ve built strong relationships with building owners who utilize our digital IAQ displays to differentiate their indoor spaces. Building communities appreciate how WYND automatically remediates detected issues in a non-intrusive way.

WYND’s goal is to protect the public from airborne illnesses and get Americans back to our pre-pandemic routines.

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